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She is as cute and sweet, but she'll turn on you with just a press to the top of the head she will change from sweet to feisty! Gracie did hard time after causing a freak circus tent accident. Now somewhat reformed, Gracie wants to make it big as a fashion blogger where she could showcase her collection of scarfs and leg warmers. Gracie loves attention. If she feels you are not giving her enough attention, she will become furious. Each Feisty Pet has their list of likes and dislikes, so consider yourself warned!

  • Collectible animal figure
  • Unique, interactive design
  • Press the top of the head to change expression from cute to fur-ociously funny
  • Eyes rotate arms swivel up together when head is pushed down
  • Ginormous Gracie: Likes: Webcams, Sunroofs, Leg Warmers Dislikes: Whiplash, Infinity, Meerkats
  • Collect them all!