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    These cute, squishable guinea pigs come in assorted party costumes. Catch your new furry friend dressed up as a shark, a bunny, a sheep, or even a unicorn! Easily slip the costume on and off for a variety of ways to play…because not everyone feels like dressing up all the time.
    • One Per Order - Style Chosen Randomly, Each party animal is sold separately!
    • Dimension: 1.5" × 3.5" × 2"
    • These Party Animal Guinea Pigs are officially invited and are showing up dressed to impress.
    • Custome Unicorn, Shark, Rabbit, Princess, Mermaid, Lion, Hot Dog, Super Hero, Dolphin, Cupcake, Butterfly, Bee
    • Party Puppies are pint-sized pups that are ready to party.
    • Fun to squish, hug, and collect, these little puppies are all dressed up with someplace to go.
    • They fit in your pocket and love to travel along with their owners.
    • Each removable costume is interchangeable with other Guinea Pigs. Why not collect them all and have a costume party with these adorable critters?